SBA Lending

At Chattahoochee Bank of Georgia we are extremely active in providing much needed financing to small and medium sized businesses. By utilizing the loan products available through the U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) we are able to better fit a loan product that would best meet your needs. SBA loans can be used for most business purposes to include:

  • starting up a business
  • purchasing equipment and inventory
  • leasehold improvements
  • purchase land and building
  • working capital
  • and in some cases, the refinancing of existing company debt.

Businesses must be Owner Operated, must be for Profit and must conform to SBA size standards. Ineligible businesses would include those engaged in speculation, lending, investments, illegal activities and gambling.

The borrower must be of good character, have the management ability and experience to successfully operate a business, show the ability to adequately service the debt requested from historical or projected cash flows, have a good credit history (business and personal), provide adequate collateral to support the loan and have a reasonable amount of equity invested into the project.

Advantages of a SBA loan are:

  • Extended term loans. By extending the term over a longer period of time, your monthly debt service required will be less, resulting in improved cash flow.
  • Lower down payment requirements.
  • No Balloon payments or call provisions.
  • Can be used for start-up businesses with sufficient projections.

The maximum term on SBA loans is based on the use of proceeds. Terms range from 5-7 years for working capital, 10 years for equipment purchases and business acquisitions and 25 years for the purchase of real estate. A blended rate would result from the combination of all of these.

If you feel that a SBA loan would be beneficial to your business, please contact J. Frayne Bentley, Senior Vice President at 678-997-2280 or for information on SBA loans. To learn more about the many products and services offered through the SBA, visit the SBA website at



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